Net Worth Update Jan-17

Net Worth Update Jan-17

Hi there!

Well here it goes, I am going to share my Net Worth with you all for the first time. Over on my Downloads page there is a link to download The Spreadsheet Dad Net Worth Tracker, which is what I use to measure my Net Worth, please feel free to use and share this resource.

Since I am from Australia all figures below are in AUD.


I break my assets down into a few key areas as per the below extract from my Net Worth Tracker. Each month I will update and comment on each of these, however being he first time posting there is not a lot to say.







Cash at bank is healthy however we do have some large expenses coming up relating to home renovations, so there will more than likely be a reduction over the coming months.

I currently directly invest into only 4 stocks all on the Australian Stock Exchange. Eventually I would like to take this to about 10.

Evolution Mining (ASX.EVN)- a mid-tier Australian gold production with a low cost of production and a number of long life mines operating. I plan to hold EVN for a long period of time as I believe the management is competent and will continue to grow the company.

Qantas Airways (ASX.QAN)- probably my “blue chip” share. I bought when they were being greatly undervalued by the market and I will continue to accumulate while I believe they are still undervalued.

Paragon Care Limited (ASX.PGC) – PGC are a recent addition to my portfolio. I had been looking for an entry into the Health Care Sector as I believe it is currently under valued on the ASX and there is much growth to come. PGC provide medical equipment, devices and consumables to hospitals across Australia and New Zealand. Their business model of organic growth plus inorganic growth via acquisitions appealed to me, they are cash flow positive and management appear to be competent and share holder friendly. I will continue to accumulative PGC for the near future.

There is not too much to say about my Principal Place of Residence. In regards to my Investment Property, it is currently only a block of land, construction for a townhouse will being shortly so there will be an uptick in both value of the assets and the liability. I will endeavor to update the property valuations quarterly.


Similarly to my Assets above I have broken down my liabilities into a few key areas.







Currently we use a credit card for our everyday expenses. The idea behind this was to accumulate points to use towards flights for our holidays, whilst we have managed to score a few flights from this it is getting to be points where I think we will be better off getting rid of the credit cards all together.

The amount against credit cards above includes a couple of large medical expenses as well as being a month and a half worth of expenses. Perhaps next month the liability will be zero.

We have a loan on Mrs TSD’s car, which is actually set up as a novated leave through my employer, in the next few months the lease is up and I plan on paying the balloon payment to purchase the car outright. I am yet to decide how I am going to do is.

We have not really been focusing on paying down our mortgage for some time due other commitments however this is going to come the target of most of our efforts in the near future.

So our Net Worth as at Jan-16 is:



Thats a wrap, thanks for reading, I hope you got some enjoyment out of this and I look forward to updating you as the months go by.


The Spreadsheet Dad

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