7 Side Hustles You Can Start Today

7 Side Hustles You Can Start Today

This article is a follow-on from An Introduction to Side Hustles. The introduction post was designed to provide an insight to someone new to Side Hustles and how they can be beneficial to achieving financial independence. With this article I want take it one step further and create a list of potential side hustles for you to explore. In future posts I will build on this with a more in-depth review on some of these.

You will notice that the list is primarily made up of online Side Hustles. The reason for that is the target audience for my blog is typically working full time and often have families, so I have chosen Side Hustles that can be done from home and at any time of the day. Obviously this list will suit anyone who is looking for some extra income.

So with out further ado below is my list of 7 Side Hustles that you can start today with very little experience.

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links

1) Blogging

Blogging can be one of the most rewarding Side Hustles for many reasons. It gives your creative mind an outlet and allows you to connect with a fantastic community of other bloggers and readers. However, to be clear blogging is not a Side Hustle that is going to earn you quick cash. If you ask almost any blogger they will tell you it is a labor of love. It can take many many hours of work before you even see your first dollar. However, do a little research and you will find if with time and determination it is within the reach of most people to make decent money blogging.  Start by signing up with with a web host (I use and recommend Bluehost, see my Blog Resources for a link).

2) Amazon Affiliate marketing

Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world. Consistently growing sales year on year, a big part of the reason for their success is their Affiliate Marketing program. Affiliate Marketing allows their products to be seen on millions of websites and blogs on web. There are several ways you can make money from Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing program, below are a few examples:

  • Using a Blog to promote items – You can use a blog to write recommendations for products and provide a link to that product. An example would be my article where I review Scott Pape’s book The Barefoot Investor. I would recommend only linking to products that you have used and can provide an honest review on.
  • Create a Affiliate Store – An affiliate store is designed to look like any other e-commerce store with the only difference being that when the customer clicks on the item they are taken to Amazon to complete the transaction. A great example is www.thisiswhyimbroke.com
  • Directly on Facebook or Twitter – If you have a Facebook page or Twitter account and you have built up an audience that trust you it might be beneficial to market some related products from linking directly. There are some resources out there on how to do this well (and correctly), I find this post from Amy Lynn Andrews to be a very good information.

2) Shopify Drop shipping store

Drop shipping is a method of selling goods on the web that requires very little capital outlay to get started and for that reason has become very popular. If you have never heard of Drop Shipping I highly recommended that you head over to Shopify these guys are the absolute masters of setting up a drop shipping store, their 500,000 customers will attest to that! They provide comprehensive guides that walk you through every step of the way from choosing a product, setting up your site and attracting customers. Setting up an e-commerce store has never been easier.

Shopify3) Surveys

Surveys are often mentioned as a way to earn a few extra dollars each month. It is definitely not something that is going to quit your day job for but you can do it without too much effort or knowledge required. If you are like me and spend time traveling on public transport then this can be the perfect opportunity to do a few surveys and make a little bit of extra cash.

Swagbucks actually has several ways to earn cash, not only via surveys. You can watch videos or play games however the two ways other than surveys I have found the most effective have been the search bar function and shopping.

The Swagbucks search bar works very much like any other search bar however it allows you to earn Swagbucks for each search you make.

Shopping via Swagbucks allows you to earn cash back in the form of Swagbucks. The cash back varies from retailer to retailer but will generally be around the 2-6%. Once you have clicked through to the store you wish to shop from you transact with them exactly how you would normally so there is further steps to take, Swagbucks will track it in the background and provide you with cash back.

Earn Cash Back with Swagbucks

4) Selling on eBay/Gumtree/Facebook

Whether you are selling your unused items from around home or flipping objects purchased from garage sales, eBay is a great, easy to use resource that people know and trust.

Read this eBay Guide on buying and flipping items on eBay. This method of making some extra cash can particularly appeal to those who enjoy spending a morning on their weekend going to flea markets etc.

Alternative platforms may be Gumtree, Craigslist or even the Facebook Marketplace.

5) Airtasker

Airtasker, much like the popular Fiverr is a marketplace where you can get almost anything done. Airtasker allows people to post jobs they want done (which can be pretty much anything), whether it needs to be done online or offline and how much they are willing to pay. You can then respond to say you are interested and if you are selected and complete the job you get paid, simple as that. There is a user review system so you can check out other peoples experiences with the person posting the job to avoid disappointment. So if you are up for some gardening or dog walking in your free time you could earn some extra cash!

6) Investing in Websites

Buying established websites that have been set up by others is a legitimate way of building up some Side Hustle income. Sites like Flippa will help you find and purchase such sites. Flippa provides you with many different fields to search for exactly what you want in a website, a particular niche, monetization method and many others. It also ensures the seller provides relevant information on traffic and income so you know what to expect. Generally the seller has put in some sort of effort on SEO and sometimes the sites will come with established social media followings, which can save you a lot of time and effort.

You can also use Flippa to create and sell websites. If you are good at creating attractive and useful websites, have some knowledge of SEO then you can use Flippa to create and ‘flip’ websites. Generally new websites will not attract as much of a sale price as an established site due to lack of traffic and sales history but they can still be an effective way to earn some cash, especially if you are good a keeping up with current trends.

7) Cash Back Programs

Cash Back programs reward you for shopping online via their website. They basically act as a marketing company for big (and small) retailers. They get paid to advertise their sites and they pass on part of that on to you when you shop, it’s a win-win really. Similar to doing surveys you won’t make a ton of cash you can retire from your day job on but you can certain a bit extra to help with your Xmas shopping or to pay down some debt.

Cash Rewards is the one that I use and recommend, it is really simple to use and offers so great deals.

Once you select the retailer through the Cash Rewards site you are taken directly to the retailer site and shop and check out as per normal. Cash Rewards will track everything in the background and reward you with great rewards!

So there you have it, 7 Side Hustles that you can start today to earn some extra cash and achieve your goals.

Have any other Side Hustles you would recommend? I’d love you here from you in the comment section below.



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