Hi there, welcome to The Spreadsheet Dad blog!

I am a thirty something year old Australian man who has a passion for personal finance and being the best father I can be to my two beautiful children and better husband to my wonderful wife.

I see and read about many men (and women) in a similar situation to I was not very long ago. Financially illiterate, stuck in the rat race, living pay check to pay and having no clue how money really works.

Reasons I started this blog:

1. I am an avid reader of personal finance, personal development and parenting blogs/websites and enjoy reading people’s stories, their backgrounds, current situations and goals. It inspires me. So much so that I have started my own.

2. I have always wanted to become a better writer. I was never very good at writing in school, not bad but not good, so this gives me a great opportunity to improve.

3. Inspire others. I hope that by sharing my story that it may inspire others to strive to achieve their own goals. If I can do it (Mr Average Joe) then anyone can. None of it is rocket science and is attainable for anyone.

4. Accountability. It is said that by telling others your goals there is a much greater chance of achieving them, so who better to tell than than everybody. I intend to post all my goals, finance and other on this blog and hold myself accountable and implore any of you reading this to hold me accountable also.

5. Leave a legacy. As a father I believe in leaving a legacy, leaving a positive influence on the world and my children. I believe by sharing my journey I may just help a few people along the way as well as document my story to share with my children as they grow up.

6. Become a better father. I believe by simply wanting to improve myself and reading and writing about being a better father I have already taken a big step in achieving this. Obviously no one is perfect but if I can improve in a few areas and inspire others to then it’s all worth while.

7. Side hustle. As part of my journey to financial freedom I’ll will be partaking in side hustles to make some extra cash. This is one of them. I plan to monetize this blog (not sure how at this stage) in the future.

Well there we, that is a bunch of info about me. We are all on this adventure together so please feel free (I encourage you!) to comment or contact me with any experiences and knowledge you can share that will help us all achieve our goals  🙂


The Spreadsheet Dad


I founded this blog as a way to share my journey in fatherhood and to financial freedom. Although it is pretty clear I am not a finance professional it needs to be said that the information on this site is opinion only and is not be taken as personal finance advice. I strongly recommend seeking advice from a professional financial adviser before making any decisions on your personal situation.



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