Net Worth vs Self Worth

Net Worth vs Self Worth

Just a quick note – something I wanted to share and will no doubt write some more about in the future.

As personal finance bloggers we are compelled to write about ways and means of increasing our Net Worth. There are many blog posts with fantastic ideas for side hustles, money saving tips and investment ideas, however there is not so much mention of the idea of Self Worth. I am certainly not implying that I have read anything that made me think anyone is acting or instruction others to act in an unethical manner, however I do believe it is just as important (if not more so) than Net Worth and worth some words.

Self Worth is essentially the way you feel about yourself and your place in the world. There are many factors (financially and otherwise) that affect our Self Worth and many ways to which we can improve our Self Worth.

From a personal finance point of view this should be kept in mind when setting your financial goals and money related activities. Never compromise your core values in the pursuit of Net Worth. Never partake in illegal activity or unethical activity. Your self-worth and well being will suffer as a consequence.

I believe this is particularly important if you are a father (or mother) as not only do you need to consider your own well being but those of your children. You are by far the biggest influence on your child’s life so if they see you comprising your integrity to make a bit of extra cash they may think that it must be acceptable and may very well grow up believing it is ok to act in that manner. Alternatively if they see you as their father setting a great example, working hard and being generous (be it with time or money) then they are more likely to act in that way themselves.

Don’t be afraid to spend time pursuing projects that increase your sense of Self Worth and but may not impact your Net Worth, you will be much better for it in the longer run.

When the time comes for us to leave this Earth we will not be remembered by our material possessions or our bank balances but in the thoughts of those who’s lives we touched along the way. Make those thoughts positive, leave a legacy to be proud of, that your children will be proud of.


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