Net Worth

Net Worth

Why do I share my Net Worth? For a few reasons, mostly to keep myself accountable. Another reason is I believe that Net Worth is the best way to measure your financial health. If you regularly review your Net Worth it gives you a good indication on how the decisions you are making daily and weekly are helping or hindering your progress towards your goals. If done correctly it will help you categorize your assets and liabilities allowing you to narrow your focus to hit certain debts or invest in particular asset classes when the timing is right.

Many personal finance bloggers share their Net Worth (see the fantastic work of Rockstar Finance who have collated over 800 personal finance bloggers Net Worth’s) in an effort to inspire others to do the same and keep the needle moving in the right direction.

Here is a link to my Downloads page where you can find a copy of the Net Worth Tracker that I use each month. Get started now with a few easy steps and see the benefits for yourself.

Below are links to my previous Net Worth updates. I hope you find some inspiration in these.





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